Welcome! Helen is in Syria at the moment. Read her latest journal entry, which describes her activities as she starts to fit in with the daily life of her husbandís family there. Or, you can peruse earlier journal entries, maps, photographs and other information to learn about Helen's original journey from Istanbul to Beijing during late 1999 and early 2000; about her year studying and travelling in China; or about the other places and projects that have absorbed her since then, including her time in Kyrgyzstan and her stint as a development consultant in Mongolia in 2002.

Please come back soon!

Mohammed, John and Yusuf stride in evening sunlight in the village

Mohammed, John and Yusuf stride in evening sunlight in the village, Syria, 3rd August 2003
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The tiles on the front page are from a mosaic at Bosra in Syria. |Click to see the original photo|
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